Convenient spare parts inquiry system

Power Link provides a convenient spare parts inquiry system. You can find your desired parts as per the series number you provide from your generator set.

Parts manual for the 2D version

By the 2D version of parts manual, users can quickly access parts of the product number, and quickly find the desired parts according to the unit serial number, even for special parts.

Fast and intuitive query parts Experience for the 3D version

You can search and retrieve the 3D parts, which makes enquiries to parts easier, and relinquishes any errors whilst searching for what you want

Quick supply of spare parts

Comprehensive resolutions means we can supply you spare parts quickly and efficiently to meet your needs

Lifetime spare parts supply

Lifetime file management made easy to access spare parts at any time. Power Link’s genuine spare parts and services are available to meet customer’s needs.

Spare parts supply and service

Each and every one of Power Link’s product has a complete product operations manual with the most discrete and specific information for upkeep and routine maintenance. The exclusive product ID and generator set series number contain the machine’s complete information. Through Power Link’s online parts solution platform, the Spare Parts Division is able to provide our customers with the right parts and extended product line solutions in the most efficient manner.
Power Link has a large inventory of spare parts, standard security package all secure in our modernization warehouse management system to ensure timely and efficient delivery. For all year round, the following parts are regularly stocked: Engine repair parts, maintenance parts, control modules, other electric parts, general production parts etc. For detailed inventory, please contact our sales staff for more information.

  • Engine Parts
    Power Link provides almost all the engine parts from a complete cylinder to a small gasket for all the generators we put into the market.
  • Batteries
    Batteries provided by Power Link are produced using advanced technology and world class equipment, and have been recognized by CE and UL certification.
  • Electrical Components
    Meters, sensors, rectifiers, connectors, fuse, droop kits etc. At Power Link, we select all the electrical parts for the production of the diesel generators very strictly.
  • Coolant
    Power Link Coolant combines the cooling, freezing and rust-proof function. It can be used for long-term and meet the diverse needs of different customers.
  • Filter
    Power Link Filters: Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Water Filters & Separator Filters.
  • Lubricant
    Lubricant helps reduce the components abrasion and protects components from corrosion. Power link’s lubricants are designed for Power Link’s machines to effectively reduce wear and tear, such as galling, scaring, and help prevent seizing.