Maintenance Technical Support

Our distributors all over the world can provide you with the most professional service. To ensure the normal running of your generator set, you should conduct regular inspections, adjustments and cleaning of the machine(s). In addition to this, regular maintenance and repairs help prevent premature wear and tear of the various components of Air Compressors will prevent possible failures in the future.

More technique application solution

More and more technological programs have been announced and published at various times for dealers to learn and utilize.

More convenient material platform

Power Link provides numerous self-service platforms for their distributors, which includes technical documents they can use themselves.

Easier training experiences

Optional programs and self-made courses made easy for online learning.

Reduces operator’s downtime, which helps reduce operating costs

All of the operators hope to spend less time working and not constantly doing maintenance on the machine. Power Link provides various training for our distributors and end-users.

Contact local distributors to gest technical support.

We established oceanic companies and enlarged distribution networks to provide convenient and efficient services to our users.
You can contact Power Link’s local distributor or our after-sales department to get technical support.

Obtaining technical documents

Through Power Link’s CIP system, our users can check all the information about the product, such as: detailed parameters, design drawings, three-dimensional animations, solutions, inventory and orders. Through our CIP system you will be able to fully utilize all the information Power Link has to offer more conveniently.
Enter into CIP system