The rapid development of PowerLink from each employee's support and pay.
We are committed to creating a dynamic and passionate working environment with respect for individual employees. PowerLink respects innovation, encourages personal progression, creates a platform for employees to show their talents, tries to make every employees proud to be part of the corporation, and make joint efforts to achieve the ambitious goal of our enterprises.

Human Resources Value

Employees are the most precious resource to of PowerLink and the basic guarantee for achieving our company goals. Therefore, company management believes it’s important to create a sound organization and working environment for employees, including:

  • Respect for Personal Value - To encourage employees to make active efforts in a working environment full of motivation, fair competition and cooperation. Employees’ personal rights should be respected. Supervisors and managers shall communicate with employees frankly, and shall be responsible for their work performance and development.
  • Inspire Employees’ Personal Potential - Through appropriate work arrangements and clear development orientation, PowerLink can enable employees to exert their maximum potential in coordination with supervisors, managers and overall cooperation of the company.
  • Provide Equal Opportunities -We believe that excellent employees deserve reasonable returns. The company carefully evaluate employees’ performance by established standards, and give appropriate praises, recognitions and rewards.
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Training and Development

Training Opportunity:
To encourage employees to improve their working capability, the company provides a wide range of internal training in the following forms: courses arranged by the training department, courses arranged by the business department and courses arranged for specific operations.

Promotion Mechanism:
company respects for innovation and encourage excellence and personal progress. Mediocre employees will be replaced. When vacancies are available, the company will first offer promotion opportunities to the existing employees. If such vacancies arise, we will first consider those eligible employees to take over.

PowerLink is a growing team in need of employees with different talents and experiences.

Please refer to your career interests and browse to the vacant position of PowerLink and apply for it.