• Brand: PowerLink
• Our vision: to provide global users with efficient and clean energy.
• Business type: Energy and power equipment development and manufacturing servicer
• Establishment time: 2001
• Product and service: Diesel Generator Sets, gasoline generator set, Air Compressors, Lighting Towers, accessories, gas generator
• People:450
• Website: http://www.powerlinkworld.com
• E-mail:info@powerlinkworld.com

Professional Energy and Power Equipment Manufacturer and Service Supplier

Established in the year 2001, PowerLink is committed in Diesel Generator Sets, gas generator set, CHP unit, mobile Lighting Towers and Air Compressors. 80,000 generator sets from PowerLink has been delivered to and used in almost 100 countries all over the world.

Multiple Products and Service Available

Diesel generator, gasoline generator, gas generator, CHP unit, mobile Lighting Towers and Air Compressors with compliance to various standards.
PowerLink can also provide customized products as per requirements of different customers.

Global Supply Chain System and Service

owerLink has manufacturer plants in China and the UK respectively, and warehouses and sales center in the US, and Australia.

Technicians and Engineers

PowerLink technicians and engineers are hard-working and serious with their work. Compliance, standard and process are fundamentals of our high quality products.

Product Development Team

Members of our product development team are rich in professional skills and familiar with our products. With the help of advanced development tools and management platforms, we will always be ready to provide best solutions to our customers.

Sales and Service

Through our global distribution network, we can provide service in every district all over the world.