PowerLink 800kw gas generator set was launched and then installed and operated in an oil field in South America.

Soundproof generator set and open type generator set were upgraded.

PowerLink UK company was invited by the UK government to participate in an investment experience share meeting.


PowerLink’s gas products was put into the market for sale.

New products such as ultra-silent generator set, LED Lighting Towers, mining Lighting Towers, north series generator set and south series generator set are launched.

2012 AFC Challenge Cup held in Nepal Sarah Langa Stadium. PowerLink provide standby power supply for the event.

PowerLink’s super-5 was launched and used in mines and municipal projects in many countries.

The number of PowerLink’s distributors has increased to 180.


As a designated foreign aid project diesel generator supplier by the Commerce Department, PowerLink has successfully established good cooperation relationship with Sinohydro Group Limited, China Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Corporation, China Railway Construction Engineering Group, China Railway Group, Beijing Urban Construction Investment & Development Co.,LTD and Shanghai Urban Construction Group.

PowerLink US company was established.

PowerLink rental generator sets were widely recognized in the market.

PowerLink product development center IT platform the third period construction completed. Since then PowerLink's product development has entered into a comprehensive information management track.

PowerLink AU company and PowerLink UK company were established and put into operation respectively.

PowerLink soundproof generator sets and containerized generators were upgraded.


PowerLink containerized generator sets (with the power range from 3MW to 15MW)were used as small power stations in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and South America, etc.

PowerLink’s magazine “Power Touch” was launched.

PowerLink distribution service information platform was upgraded and promoted.

powerLink’s generators exports ranked the top three in China.



PowerLink’s Air Compressors was researched and development.

PowerLink’s first containerized generator set was launched and operated in Guangzhou.


PowerLink factory and headquarter was moved to Shanghai.

PowerLink’s soundproof generator set was fully upgraded.

PowerLink Shanghai company was established for research, manufacturer and sale of diesel generator sets.

PowerLink began to export its products to foreign market.


PowerLink’s first mobile generator set was launched.

PowerLink established its factory in Dongguan China to manufacture diesel generator sets (with the power range of 20-1760KW)


PowerLink began to research and develop Diesel Generator Sets independently.


PowerLink company was established as a Diesel Generator Sets sale and service supplier in China.