Modern Farms

Major applications of PowerLink CHP in modern farms:

Livestock farms Straw power generation plants Greenhouses Biogas power generation plants

Characteristics and advantages:

images Overall efficiency: 80%-90%, power generation efficiency 40%
Thermal energy produced can be used for building heating, potable water heating and domestic water heating.

images Cascade utilization of distributed energy
Different utilization of high-temperature, medium temperature, and low temperature thermal energy to ensure high efficiency of CHP system. High temperature energy can be converted into electric power; middle temperature energy can be used for chilling and steam heating; while low temperature energy can be used for domestic water heating and dehumidification.

images Free resources, turning waste into treasure at the same place
The gases used for power generation are mainly from animal manure, various crop residues and straws. The end user can turn the waste into treasure at the same place without transmission loss. Meantime, it can also reduce stench, help clean up the environment and reduce the incidence of disease of animals and human being.

images Trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy
Besides power supply, the CHP units when combined with heat source absorption refrigeration equipment, can realized the trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy to meet the need of domestic water heating, steam heating and chilling.

images Fast and easy installation
Overall integrated solution, without having to install the engine room, small footprint, quick installation.

Proven quality and reliability
Our proven spare parts will ensure 50000 hours smooth operation of your CHP units. All the parts applied are with high quality, and proven reliable through strict. They are designed to run continuously up to 5000 hours.

images Easy operation and maintenance
Our CHP units apply modular design which is humanized, with high safety and easy to maintain.

images Low transmission loss
To provide thermal energy, cold energy and electric energy locally to reduce loss of transmission and distribution (6-7%).

Environmental adaptation range -50 ℃ -50 ℃

Sellable thermal energy and electricity energy
The thermal energy and electricity energy produced can be sold and get according payment.
Air conditioning cold water: 1-1.6 km
1 MPa steam: 12 km
Heating and hot domestic water: 4-5 km (about 60℃)

images Provide fertilizer and improve resource
Increase organic fertilizer resources, improve quality and efficiency of fertilizer to improve crop yields and soil quality.

images Protect agricultural ecological
Reduce trees hacking and shovel turf chaos to protect vegetation and help good development of agricultural production system.

images Islanding mode running
Reliable power supply
Independent energy supply
Provide power supply for remote areas

images Low environmental impact
PowerLink CHP unit's emission of sulfur dioxide and solid waste are almost zero; the emission of nitrogen oxides reduces by 80%; the floor area and water consumption can also reduce by more than 60%.
The noise produced during operation can be reduced dramatically through combined noise reduction measures.

images Complete Product configuration

images Complete parts management system

images Wide scope applications