Mining Industry

Various kinds of mobile Air Compressorss are available in the mining industry. They are used for drilling, filtering dust, driving spotters etc. With strong power and wheeled units, they allow deep drilling to be carried out faster and more economically.
Major demands for products:

Mines: Ventilation, drilling big holes, dehydration, filtrating dust, driving spotters, pneumatic hoist and fill slurry machines, driving pumps, pneumatic drills, stopper drills, etc.
Drilling: Various kinds of mobile Air Compressorss are available. With strong power and wheeled units, they allow deep drilling to be carried out faster and more economically.
Ventilation: Provides mining ventilation with compressed air and breathable air.
Powerful productivity: Drive pneumatic device; Clean compressed air can reduce disorderly downtime of pneumatic devices.


Usually, the geographic location is within remote areas, hence breakdowns and casual maintenance would be considered time consuming and economically troublesome,so the demand on the equipment is relatively high. Powerful productivity, timely and fast maintenance services are also required.


Screw Air Compressorss; A soundproof, rain-proof and dust-proof design, with low noise levels (the sound pressure of noise is 59 - 72 dBA@7m); the machine comes with compressor coolant.
In order to meet outdoor needs of complicated and harsh environments, optional parts can be utilised for extended periods under (-20℃)extreme cold or (50℃) extremely hot temperatures.

Main Benefits:
Simple structure of the principal machine, high reliability and low maintenance cost;
Lighting weight, little occupancy area, good dynamic balance, installation requires no foundation;
Pressure control adopts gas control components, electricity-saving capacity adjustment, 0%-100% load control, power consumption can be automatically adjusted along with the actual usage amount;
High degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance, adaptable;
Safe and reliable in operation, safeguarding against explosion, overload, short circuit, loss of phase, leakage of electricity, automatic start up, possessing overheat automatic shutdown protection and triple protection of capacity control, system pressure valve and safety valve, which can avoid overpressure running of compressor;
High requirements on processing and manufacturing, means strictness with optional parts’ quality control;
Scope of application: Exhaust pressure monopole ≤1.4MPa, twin-stage ≤3.5MPa, air displacement ≤ 100m3/min;
Flexible movement, easy operation, convenient maintenance;
Auxiliary equipment space is reserved; standard optional parts can be manufactured and supplied for your needs.
Sound pressure of noise: 59 - 72 dBA@7m.